Managed SOC Services to fit your Organization

MPGSOC utilizes best-in-class SOC-as-a-Service solutions and business first approach to threat detection and response, built around your business's needs. Working with the SOC experts at MindPoint Group will ensure 24x7 coverage for all your most valuable systems. 


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Scale Your Security Operations with MPGSOC

A well-implemented Security Operations Center (SOC) is a decisive investment in your cybersecurity posture. Dedicated 24x7x365 coverage can help strengthen your defenses and better respond to all types of security threats. 

Meet MPGSOC, MindPoint Group's fully managed SOC-as-a-Service. Our team of expert cybersecurity professionals can put your organization ahead of the curve and help you meet your security and compliance goals.

MPGSOC's SOCaaS Benefits:

  1. Continuous coverage for data and threat protection, device and network monitoring, and network defense
  2. Valuable security expertise without an expensive in-house SOC
  3. Meet your regulatory and compliance requirements with 24/7/365 security team coverage
  4. Cross-disciplinary Incident Response specialists
  5. MindPoint Group's cybersecurity expertise